My Former Life as a Tele-Fundraiser #NuisanceCalls @C4Dispatches

So I got a job as a telephone fundraiser. It was the hardest job I ever had to do. I only lasted a few weeks and my soul resembled a ruined city and I went into hiding after the ordeal. I was a development / humanitarian student during the time and I was passionate about the causes I was fundraising for. I knew the importance of the much needed funds and saw it as a good opportunity to gain charity experience.

It was a highly stressful job. There were daily targets and pressure to ask ask ask for a donation. If I was calling robots at a convenient time it may have been possible but I was talking to human beings who did not want to be asked for money in their homes.

There were spot listen-ins and if you made a mistake you were corrected. A guy, who was my boyfriend at the time, got fired because he put a call back where a supporter had informed him to call back. He overshot the daily targets but was still fired on the spot.

I remember one day I just got the back end of the caller database where everyone was just being rude. The last person to tell me to f*** off and slam the phone on me sent me into the ladies loo to have a big cry. I felt battered. Then I quit.

Telefundraisers are heros… people don’t realise that they are not the only call a fundraiser has made that day and consider how they would feel if someone was swearing at them for doing their job. It didn’t suit me but it cannot be denied that those funds are needed for those who rely on the work Charities do.

I have to highlight Pell & Bales #proudfundraiser pics.